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Mark Sixma & Jerome Isma-Ae - Refused (Remixes)

February 09, 2014
Reworking a killer tune is one challenge, but to rework the mighty ‘Refused’ of Jerome Isma-Ae and Mark Sixma, is truly something else. Luckily, Jee Productions gave the remix-duty to Douskand David Gravell, leaving it in safe hands. Young gun David Gravell, one of Armada’s recent signings, has been on fire lately. Whether the Dutch guy handles house, trance or electro, this guy waltzes it all down to big-room standards. And so he does with ‘Refused’, adding a spark of today’s EDM to the underground rocker. It’s safe to say that if you’ve been clubbing, you’ve heard one of Dousk’s brilliant productions or remixes. The Greek producer has been around for years, serving treats on Bedrock, Baroque and Armada. His take on ‘Refused’ is a refined tech-house tune with funky, deep swings. This one lures you right in.


  1. 1. Refused (David Gravell Radio Edit) (03:13)
  2. 2. Refused (Dousk Radio Edit) (03:26)
  3. 3. Refused (David Gravell Remix) (05:51)
  4. 4. Refused (Dousk Remix) (07:58)
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