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Mark Sixma - Character

November 04, 2013
Long has the latest tune of Mark Sixma making been kept as an ID. And equally long, has it been loved by the crowds. One of the most outstanding tunes of the Universal Religion Chapter 7 album, is Mark Sixma's 'Character'.  One of the best kept producer secrets, is Mark Sixma. No matter which style he handles, he handles it well. Whether that be house, prog or trance, the Sixma sound knows how to incorporate all of them. Pleasing the trancers this time, is the mighty 'Character'. With a recognizable hook and melody, an outstanding break and drive that mesmerizes, it should be no surprise that Ibiza's Privilege was completely taken away by it. The same will go for any club it'll meet.


  1. 1. Character (Original Mix) (06:51)
  2. 2. Character (Radio Edit) (03:45)
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