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Mark Otten - Libertine

August 01, 2011
Today's dance scene is rich in the quantity of songs, rather than the quality. But if you look closely and keep your ears open, you'll find some of the electronic gems hidden under the surface. Dutch producer Mark Otten is responsible for quite a few. His 'Mushroom Therapy' hit the surface around 2003 and now ranges on the list of today's trance classics. Though they all share that same distinctive, well thought-out sound, there's another thing that binds this man's productions. 'So Serene' and 'Tranquility', as well as 'Crossroads' and 'The Distance' under his Rio Addicts moniker, all productions have at least a year between the date of release. If anyone takes the saying 'quality over quantity' at heart, it's Mark Otten. And that's exactly what makes his tracks stand out. 'Libertine' embarks a new sound, riding a deep yet uplifting sound. It has the typical drums you'd expect to hear in a quality Mark Otten tune, but a pace much higher than his previous productions. 'Libertine' hits in with a few big surprises, from highly sequenced vocals to phased out distortive beats, mixing the synthy type of trance with a 2011-fit energetic boost. It already conquered the hearts of Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance 2011 listeners, and it's about to hit yours. Canadian producer Soundprank, one of the most talked about names in progressive music, gave 'Libertine' a firm progressive-house rework in his remix, making it an impossible task to stand still. Groovy, deep and absolutely delicious.


  1. 0. Libertine (Original Mix) (08:44)
  2. 0. Libertine (Soundprank Remix) (07:22)
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