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Maison & Dragen - Rio De Janeiro

January 02, 2012
Finnish duo Maison & Dragen honor one of the biggest, most colourful cities in the world. This year, the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro won't be about samba, but the contagious beat of prog-house! In music industry, you'll rarely find a duo so consistent in quality sounds. From their first hit 'In The Horizon' to the ever-rocking 'Another Dimension', 'Road To Euphoria' and latest banger 'Excalibur'. As 2012 kicks in, Marcus Maison & Will Dragen roll the dice with another winner. 'Rio de Janeiro' is the real feel-good deal. Warm, catchy melodies, sweeping synths and a hard-hitting kick make this the perfect highlight to any night's out, providing that extra bit of energy when you most need it! David Jones: the right sound at the moment! Well doneAntoine Clamaran: goodGregory Klosman: will tryM.I.K.E.: wow, this is gonna be big!Lucky Charmes: NICE job!David Guetta: downloadedDarude: Great feeling, will be playing live and on my radio show!Dj Dave Curtis: catchy as hell!Dj Jurgen: nice


  1. 1. Rio De Janeiro (Original Mix) (06:22)
  2. 2. Rio De Janeiro (Club Mix) (06:20)
  3. 3. Rio De Janeiro (Radio Edit) (03:04)
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