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Maison & Dragen - Initium

May 08, 2014
Those who’ve been watching Marcus Maison and Will Dragen from the beginning will be glad to see the duo finally coming into their own.  This album marks that critical transition between “potential” and “maturity”, and it represents a significant sonic step forward for the pair.  Their singles have already earned them a respected spot in the global dance scene, but with the release of their first artist album, ‘Initium’, they launch themselves into the stratosphere of legendary producers. From the radio-friendly ‘I’m Over You’ (ft. Sharon Doorson) to an electrifying collaboration with Christian Burns, to the expressive vocals of ‘Immortal Love’ (ft. Toni Nielson), the list of talent attached to this record is immense.  Originals like ‘Nemesis’ and the club smash ‘Chinese New Year’ light a massive fire,  blazing right through burly stormers like ‘Hour of the Wolf’ and ‘WOW’.  ‘Rio De Janeiro’ packs in all the energy and sun of one of the most iconic cities on earth, and Scott McFarnon’s vocals on ‘Karma’ are pop as it was meant to be. M&D: “Our goal was to create a timeless album -- something to enjoy regardless of if you are at home chilling out or at a pre-party with your friends getting ready for a crazy night. For us, this album has been a great journey to gather all those fantastic memories and influences into a single, big collection that we are now extremely thrilled to reveal to you.” The expedition that is ‘Initium’ never settles on one sound for too long – the track selection forges an experience that puts you right in the heart of one of their trademark, eclectic sets.  At each of the record’s many turning points, Maison and Dragen stay a solid two steps ahead.  This is the world as they see it – who are we to disagree?


  1. 1. Maison & Dragen feat. Miella - Already Gone (03:14)
  2. 2. Maison & Dragen feat. Sharon Doorson - I'm Over You (03:45)
  3. 3. Maison & Dragen feat. Jeremy Carr - Never Gonna Stop (03:52)
  4. 4. Maison & Dragen - Rio De Janeiro (03:04)
  5. 5. Christian Burns with Maison & Dragen - Perfectly (03:43)
  6. 6. Maison & Dragen - Wet Dreams (03:18)
  7. 7. Maison & Dragen - Colosseum (02:56)
  8. 8. Maison & Dragen - Hard Rock House (03:25)
  9. 9. Maison & Dragen - WOW (03:11)
  10. 10. Maison & Dragen feat. Toni Nielson - Immortal Love (03:00)
  11. 11. Maison & Dragen - Hour Of The Wolf (03:45)
  12. 12. Maison & Dragen - Chinese New Year (03:13)
  13. 13. Maison & Dragen - Nemesis (03:30)
  14. 14. Maison & Dragen vs Merzo - i95 (02:47)
  15. 15. Maison & Dragen - Tritonus (03:16)
  16. 16. Maison & Dragen feat. Toni Nielson - Out Of Control (03:30)
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