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Maison & Dragen feat. Sharon Doorson - I'm Over You

October 21, 2013
When two crazy talented producers team up with one of the hottest singers of today, 'I'm Over You' is what you get. A smashing collab of Maison & Dragen with Dutch singer Sharon Doorson, that's ready, set and go at blowing your mind! Maison & Dragen, a young Finnish duo, the masterminds behind 'Wow', 'Never Gonna Stop' and 'Another Dimension'. Sharon Doorson, the latest sensation in EDM and semi-finalist of TV program The Voice, who's had her debut single 'Fail In Love' rule radio stations in more than 18 countries. A dream team, we reckon. And indeed, 'I'm Over You' crosses over from pop to house, blurring the lines between club, festival and radio play. An outstanding piece of eclectic.


  1. 1. I'm Over You (Original Mix) (05:24)
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