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Maison & Dragen - Colosseum

July 29, 2013
The Finnish boys of Maison & Dragen do it well. Keeping up their speedy pace at a hard rocking level, they gear up with the indulging 'Colloseum'. Trice Recording just gave us the starting signal to a hot, long summer! With many exciting remixes and collabs coming up, and vocal tunes with Christian Burns and Jeremy Carr in their discography, Maison & Dragen have shown a clear sign on the radars of EDM. The guys from Finland serve us well, delivering one brilliant original after the next. Following the smash of 'WOW', is the mighty 'Colloseum'. A cheerful bit of melodics, energy and outstanding production work. The boys did it again.


  1. 1. Colosseum (Original Mix) (05:50)
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