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Mahalo x DLMT - So Cold (feat. Lily Denning) (Remixes)

November 22, 2019
A few months after its initial appearance, Mahalo and DLMT’s ‘So Cold’ (feat. Lily Denning) is bound to bring the heat again. Packed with six signature revamps from Paul Woolford, Cazztek, Kokiri, Tobtok, Raven & Kreyn and Bruer & Bright Lies, this remix package is straight fire!

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  1. 1. So Cold (Paul Woolford Remix) (04:12)
  2. 2. So Cold (Cazztek Remix) (03:23)
  3. 3. So Cold (Kokiri Remix) (02:53)
  4. 4. So Cold (Tobtok Remix) (03:33)
  5. 5. So Cold (Raven & Kreyn Remix) (02:55)
  6. 6. So Cold (Bruer & Bright Lies Remix) (03:30)
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