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M6 & Willem van Hanegem - Genesis / Inferno

October 18, 2010
Ready for a ride into the deep, dark sound of the new generation tech-trance producers? Mark Sixma and Willem van Hanegem serve you well, with the follow-up to their 'Terminal 69' and 'Origin'. M6 and one half of the W&W duo, are proud to present 'Genesis' and 'Inferno'. A double release with a unique sound to it. 'Genesis' and 'Inferno' combine all the right clicks, bits, pieces and instruments to represent both significant sounds of their creators. 'Genesis' awaits you with delicate beats and a strong break, leading to a euphoric climax with a big dose of energy. 'Inferno' rides a thicker, bold sound, shooting off with warping effects and a bold, techno-inspired bassline. Both of them balance things out till the very last beat, making the replay button your very best friend.


  1. 0. Genesis (Original Mix) (06:24)
  2. 0. Inferno (Original Mix) (06:19)
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