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M6 - The Rising / Obscura

July 12, 2010
Whether we're talking about his techy and trancy anthems or about his little trips along the boundaries of minimal and house, there's always something special about those M6 productions. Maybe it's the fact that Dutch DJ and producer Mark Sixma has roots in classical music. Besides playing the piano for years, the guy clearly has a sixth sense for big melodies and atmospheric sounds. But maybe it's also his yearlong club experience, that gives him the right feel on how to combine techno-basslines with deeper melodic pieces. However, with his new productions 'The Rising' and 'Obscura' he created another sparkling duo of trance delight. With those two tracks on the Soundpiercing imprint, he once again caught the right big room melodies to send shivers down your spine. Like in his previews tracks 'Opus Spectrum' and 'The Flow', he lets the heartbreaking effect flow in perfect balance to the floormoving beats. 'The Rising' and 'Obscura' will surely be done justice at the many trance festivals and events these upcoming months.


  1. 0. The Rising (Original Mix) (07:31)
  2. 0. Obscura (Original Mix) (06:34)
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