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M6 - The Flow

April 19, 2010
Whenever Armada's A&R receives an email with a new track of M6 attached, you can bet your sweet life that about one minute later the speakers will be blasting with the volume all the way up. The producer/DJ, responsible for all this, is Dutchman Mark Sixma. His diverse discography stretched out from the techy 'Fade 2 Black' to the classically trancy 'Opus Sectum'. Last summer, it were his 'Byte Me' and Willem van Hanegem collab 'Origin' that rocked the speakers. This summer, it's going to be 'The Flow'.After his latest Captivating release, Klauss Goulart collab 'Hidden Light', M6 hands in another pleaser for the crowds. 'The Flow' really doesn't let itself be captured in one style. Tech-house with an electro-trance rush wouldn't even justify its fusion of styles, but fact is that its groovy, has a bit of an ominous atmosphere and kicks in hard - real hard. The Polish producer duo Skytech reworked 'The Flow' to a more uplifting type of prog-tune, sturdy and big room. We didn't expect anything less from the up and coming Dziewulski brothers.


  1. 0. The Flow (Skytech Remix) (06:55)
  2. 0. The Flow (Original Mix) (06:45)
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