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M6 - Deep Inside

September 21, 2009
Techno beckons upon the Dutchman behind 'Destination 6', 'Byte Me' and 'Opus Sectum'. It's coming from inside, and is waiting to come out. The first signs have already been showing, but the Vocal Tech Mix of Mark Sixma's new record wouldn't do wrong at any techno party. True, it's a mixture of electric guitar tricks, pumping beats and a trancy break. And that's exactly what makes Mark's tracks stand out. 'Deep Inside' is living up to those same rules, with the Dub scorching through a well-layered progressive side of Mark's well-known sound. Whether you like it easygoing or high-flowing, Mark's got you covered with this one.


  1. 0. Deep Inside (Vocal Tech Mix) (06:25)
  2. 0. Deep Inside (After Dark Dub) (07:08)
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