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M6 - Days Of Wonder

December 13, 2010
One thing's certain. Whenever Dutch producer Mark Sixma disappears, he always returns with a new M6 cracker of a tune. After a few weeks of radio-silence and long days in the studio, it doesn't take long before the next track-surprise awaits us. Presenting uplifting anthems like 'The Rising' and 'Opus Spectrum', taking us down the dark road of minimal and techno influenced masterpieces like 'Deep Inside' and 'Into The Unknown', is Mark's specialty. While his tech-trance collabs 'Genesis' and 'Inferno' are still destructing international floors, he's ready to sweep them with a new solo production: 'Days Of Wonder'. 'Days Of Wonder' is the clear evidence of Mark having a sixth sense for breath-taking melodies. An odyssey into darker sounds, sliding down the road of a bittersweet, uplifting trancer, without over-doing with effects. 'Days Of Wonder' shows us that musical miracles still happen. Not only will the original version of 'Days Of Wonder' be a highlight to thousands of clubbers and trance-junkies, it's also the remix of Estonian talent Rene Pais, better known as DNS Project, that'll do its work on the floors. He gives the track a well-deserved big-room treatment. Support by: Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules, Andy Moor, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Lange, Simon Patterson


  1. 0. Days Of Wonder (Original Mix) (06:57)
  2. 0. Days Of Wonder (DNS Project Remix) (07:11)
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