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M6 and Klauss Goulart - Hidden Light

February 08, 2010
wo Captivating Sounds producers bundle their strengths on a new, ear-tingling track. Dutch producer Mark Sixma, who's delivered one fine EP after another over the past few years, is one of the forces. His 'Opus Sectum', 'Fade 2 Black' and previous collabs with B.E.N. and Willem van Hanegem still sweep today's floors. One of the up and coming producers in Brazil, Klauss Goulart, is responsible for the other 50 percent of this promising team-up. His melodic and trancy 'Deep Universe' reached deep into the scene, with support by the big stars of the DJ society. M6 remixed his 'Deep Universe' and so the link was made.A fine combo these guys make. As where M6 fills in all needs of atmosphere and a classical touch, Klauss Goulart makes sure the right kicks and just amount of distortion keep 'Hidden Light' going at the speed of sound. 'Hidden Light' is one for peak-time pleasure, with a throbbing bass and massive hands-in-the-air-break. The Polish big room experts of Skytech shook this baby right up to a speaker-squeaky highlight with a serene proggy sound. It's time to light the floors with 'Hidden Light'.


  1. 0. Hidden Light (Original Mix) (07:02)
  2. 0. Hidden Light (Skytech Remix) (07:23)
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