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M6 - Amazon Dawn / There And Back Again

October 27, 2008
Mark Sixma has left quite an impression along the way. With the grand success of his dark but beautiful 'Destination 6' and 'Fade to Black' only just behind him, he's now ready to score some more club souls and make them lose their way in his labyrinth of beats, effects and melodies.Already featured on Armin van Buuren's ' A State of Trance 2008' compilation, 'Amazon Down' is totally set to fly you off to dreamland. 'Amazon Down' has an amazing, relaxing beat with an ambient feel to it to take the stress away. 'There and Back Again' on the other hand manages to make you move, for its throbbing base and deep melody will drag you along and make you head off to the dance floor, whether it's in a club or your own living room. DJ SUPPORT:Armin van Buuren: Great release, featured on my Compilation ASOT2008DJ Shah: m6 - amazon dawn for me!Gareth Emery: There And Back Again gets my supportIDJ Mag: Good stuff again from M6Andy Moor: Supporting TABA


  1. 0. Amazon Dawn (08:37)
  2. 0. There and Back Again (06:52)
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