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M11 - All The Same Way

September 22, 2017
After linking up with Alexander Popov on ‘Last To Leave’, M11 touches down on Interplay with his solo debut. Infused with sublime melodies and a jaw-dropping atmosphere on which SCHALA and Kago Pengchi could build their treatments, ‘All The Same Way’ is what the mainstage needs to remain relevant.


  1. 1. All The Same Way (02:48)
  2. 2. All The Same Way (SCHALA Remix) (03:31)
  3. 3. All The Same Way (Kago Pengchi Remix) (03:17)
  4. 4. All The Same Way (Extended Mix) (03:37)
  5. 5. All The Same Way (SCHALA Extended Remix) (04:15)
  6. 6. All The Same Way (Kago Pengchi Extended Remix) (04:46)
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