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M.I.K.E. vs York feat. Asheni - Across The Ocean

August 05, 2013
The sweet summer evenings and nocturnal adventures resound in the first of hopefully many more collabs of the legends that are M.I.K.E. and York. 'Across The Ocean', featuring the soothing voice of Asheni, lands a new anthem on the Planet Love Records label. Sharing a history and future in trance music, as well as a strong passion for its genre, it's no wonder that Belgium's M.I.K.E. and Germany's YORK would join forces one day. 'Across The Ocean' has the drive of a M.I.K.E. original, with the warm melodies of York making. A perfect tune for the endless summer.


  1. 1. M.I.K.E. vs York feat. Asheni - Across The Ocean (M.I.K.E.'s Club Mix) (07:18)
  2. 2. M.I.K.E. vs York feat. Asheni - Across The Ocean (M.I.K.E.'s Club Radio Edit) (03:29)
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