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M.I.K.E. - Unity (NYC Nights Theme 2010)

August 02, 2010
Mr. up to 60 faces did it again. Under his original M.I.K.E. moniker, he now comes up with another unequaled trance anthem. Saying that 'Unity' is a pleasure to the ears is like saying the earth is 'quite big'. 'Unity' is different. It's fit for almost every thinkable situation life offers you. Its lovely melody is propulsive and relaxing at the same time and so pleasant, you instantly feel the need to listen to the track again and again, without any sign of boredom. On the thin line of euphoria and melancholy, Belgian producer Mike Dierickx added a deep progressive baseline, rounding the track off perfectly. Romanian producer Adrian Ivan a.k.a. Mr. Pit gave 'Unity' a completely different feel. The lovely melody still plays an important role in his rework, but alienated with spunned and twisted sounds, there's even more dancefloor-potential to 'Unity' in his remix.


  1. 1. Unity (NYC Nights Theme 2010) (Original Mix) (08:07)
  2. 2. Unity (NYC Nights Theme 2010) (Mr. Pit Remix) (07:32)
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