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M.I.K.E. presents Plastic Boy - Red E.P.

March 07, 2011
Nearly 15 years ago, the world of trance was introduced to the sounds of Belgian mastermind Mike Dierickx. Within those years of creativity he built a collection of ultimate trance classics, including countless successful singles, collaborations and six artist albums. Especially under his Push and M.I.K.E. aliases, he's kept trance alive throughout the years. Shortly after the release of his 'Trance Classics Anthems' compilation, he now returns under his Plastic Boy moniker, to present you his latest masterpiece: 'The RED E.P.' With Mike's discography as a highly requested catalog for those in search of quality trance music, it's not surprising that his latest release stands out in sound once more. Mike's 'Back Then' is a tempting uplifting piece full of diversity. You'll agree that its melodic build up is different from other uplifting trancers. The track's biggest moment will hit you the very moment you expect it the least. 'The Colour Of Passion' awaits you with the same energetic feel, but a different sound. No matter which one you choose - start looking forward to another prove of Mike's outstanding sound creating talent.


  1. 0. The Color Of Passion (Original Mix) (07:22)
  2. 0. Back Then (Original Mix) (08:15)
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