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M.I.K.E. - Nu Sensation

October 01, 2007
A brand new M.I.K.E. release on his own imprint. The 20th release on Club Elite is called Nu Sensation. M.I.K.E. goes further into the style he produced "Changes R Good" in.Techy sounds, an amazing drive and a huge melody in the quality you would expect of M.I.K.E! A great package of remixes to complete the release with. Techy, bumpey mixes by Damien Powell and John C and a great housey remix by Swedish producer Dumb Dan!


  1. 0. Nu Sensation (Club Mix) (06:09)
  2. 0. Nu Sensation (Damion Powell Remix) (07:51)
  3. 0. Nu Sensation (Dumb Dan Remix) (06:44)
  4. 0. Nu Sensation (Album Mix) (06:20)
  5. 0. Nu Sensation (John C Remix) (09:12)
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