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M.I.K.E. - Mi Casa Su Casa / Winter Night In NYC

February 15, 2010
Countless tracks and remixes have left the studio of Belgian producer Mike Dierickx. Whether under one of his 60 aliases, or under his original moniker of M.I.K.E., all of them were a clear example of the endless stream of inspiration that flows through his mind. After his Push revival last year, Mike is continuously sharpening his old trance sound to a tight, 2010 one. More than fit for today's day, 'Mi Casa Su Casa' presents a warm and indulging trance track with proggy influences and a big dose of energy. On the flipside, Mike brings an ode to the beautiful surroundings of the city of New York. That's exactly where these two Club Elite productions were made. Straight from M.I.K.E.'s New York studio, 'Winter Night In NYC' finds itself on the melodic side of trance. Deep, uplifting and catchy. Grube & Hovsepian, A-class remixers as proven by their interpretation of 'Pier 39' on S107 and 'Sound Of Flight' on Coldharbour, reworked 'Mi Casa Su Casa' to a more progressive and sturdy type of tune.


  1. 0. Mi Casa Su Casa (Original Mix) (07:45)
  2. 0. Mi Casa Su Casa (Grube & Hovsepian Remix) (07:07)
  3. 0. Winter Night In NYC (Original Mix) (07:17)
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