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M.I.K.E. - Hide - Impact

August 25, 2008
Belgium's only trance wizard M.I.K.E. created a new EP for his own label Club Elite! With the brilliant last EP under his Push guise still in the back of his head he sat down and produced two great new tracks.The first one is "Hide", a bassline drivin track with beautifull padds and synths. On the flipside you'll find Impact where M.I.K.E. grabbed a deep bassline and built a great melody around it! More info: www.mike.beDJ Support:M.I.K.E. : Supporting both tracks ;-)Robert Nickson: Impact is my weapon of choice!


  1. 0. Hide (Progressive Revisited Mix 2008) (08:11)
  2. 0. Impact (Original Mix) (09:45)
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