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M.I.K.E. - Back In Time

October 31, 2011
Belgian producer Mike Dierickx likes to look at the world in full colour. In his musical career, which spans more than 15 years already, there's isn't a single style within trance, progressive or techno he hasn't touched. He has kept the spark of diversity going under countless monikers, of which Push, M.I.K.E. and Plastic Boy are most successful. After 6 artist albums, the New York-residing producer still doesn't lack inspiration. In follow-up to his collaborations with Andy Moor and Ben Nicky, M.I.K.E. hits full throttle with 'Back In Time'. There's something incredibly contagious about this new weapon, warping at you with blazing synths, playful electric elements, atmosphere changes and that constant drive that the mastermind is known for. 'Back In Time' is an anthem that unfolds on the go - but grabs you from the very moment the melody kicks in. The Ørjan Nilsen remix of 'Back In Time' gives you techy flavours, a lower BPM, high energy and that beloved Nilsen sound, seamlessly mixing trance, progressive and techno. If you're craving something a bit less proggy and prefer to go 90's trance, be sure to check out the Classics ReTake. This one shows a completely different, sunny side to the darker original.


  1. 0. Back In Time (Original Mix) (07:24)
  2. 0. Back In Time (Classics ReTake) (07:10)
  3. 0. Back In Time (Orjan Nilsen Refix) (07:45)
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