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Luxx feat. Georgia Francis - Meant To Be

July 03, 2015
Luxx returns to the Armada Deep imprint with another awe-inspiring record. Enlightening your day with a soothing vibe, mesmerizing chords and the atmospheric vocals of Georgia Francis, it's as if the record is 'Meant To Be' an all-time Deep classic ever since we laid our eyes on it! And when you notice the Luxx & Haruko Remix, you know you can't go wrong with a stunning release like this.


  1. 1. Meant To Be (Radio Edit) (03:24)
  2. 2. Meant To Be (Luxx & Haruko Radio Edit) (03:27)
  3. 3. Meant To Be (Original Mix) (05:48)
  4. 4. Meant To Be (Luxx & Haruko Remix) (05:19)
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