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Lush & Simon X Rico & Miella - We Are Lost (Remixes)

July 10, 2015
Combining Lush & Simon's distinctive sound with Rico and Miella's exceptional vocals has led to a magical blend worth replaying countless times, so the remixes of 'We Are Lost' ought to be just as superb. With Marnik taking on a high-octane approach on the sublime original and Volt & State displaying their unparalleled brilliance when it comes to melodic masterpieces, these tracks will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. Prepare to lose yourself in these incredible tunes.


  1. 1. We Are Lost (Volt & State Radio Edit) (03:04)
  2. 2. We Are Lost (Marnik Radio Edit) (03:13)
  3. 3. We Are Lost (Volt & State Remix) (05:07)
  4. 4. We Are Lost (Marnik Remix) (05:09)
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