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LTN feat. Cassidy Ford - Love And War

September 29, 2017
A cascade of emotion bearing the Interplay mark, ‘Love And War’ is the latest masterpiece of LTN. Featuring the tear-drawing vocals of Cassidy Ford and coming with an LTN Sunrise Mix as well as a remix from Sound Quelle & Max Meyer, this record will remain among Trance’s top picks until the end of time.


  1. 1. Love And War (03:32)
  2. 2. Love And War (Sound Quelle & Max Meyer Remix) (03:44)
  3. 3. Love And War (LTN Sunrise Mix) (03:25)
  4. 4. Love And War (Extended Mix) (04:35)
  5. 5. Love And War (Sound Quelle & Max Meyer Extended Remix) (04:56)
  6. 6. Love And War (LTN Extended Sunrise Mix) (05:20)
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