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Lost Frequencies feat. Aloe Blacc - Truth Never Lies (Remix Pack)

August 02, 2019
Packing all the wonderful versions of ‘Truth Never Lies’ you have heard so far plus a few extra, this remix pack of ‘Truth Never Lies’ offers something for every taste and flavor. With the inclusion of remixes from Maxim Lany, Joachim Pastor, Carta, Moksi, Wekho and Lost Frequencies and Aloe Blacc’s original, this collection offers broad-spectrum brilliance at top level.

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  1. 1. Truth Never Lies (Maxim Lany Remix) (03:39)
  2. 2. Truth Never Lies (Joachim Pastor Remix) (04:00)
  3. 3. Truth Never Lies (Carta Remix) (02:50)
  4. 4. Truth Never Lies (Moksi Remix) (03:11)
  5. 5. Truth Never Lies (Wekho Remix) (03:11)
  6. 6. Truth Never Lies (03:11)
  7. 7. Truth Never Lies (Maxim Lany Extended Remix) (06:05)
  8. 8. Truth Never Lies (Joachim Pastor Extended Remix) (05:41)
  9. 9. Truth Never Lies (Carta Extended Remix) (03:36)
  10. 10. Truth Never Lies (Moksi Extended Remix) (03:54)
  11. 11. Truth Never Lies (Extended Mix) (04:43)
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