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Morgan Page & Jayceeoh feat. Kaleena Zanders - Lost Dreams (Remixes)

July 16, 2018
The best way to search for ‘Lost Dreams’ is to look to the skies. Two remixes preserve the original’s optimistic outlook, while darkening Kaleena Zanders’ question of “are you gonna be around when the sky is falling down?” The B-Sides mix out of Los Angeles is a skippy, sexy house stepper tough enough to blow away big rooms, and Australia’s Jacknife hacks up the scenery with bassline grime, bringing the euphoria of Morgan Page and Jayceeoh crashing down to earth.

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  1. 1. Lost Dreams (B-Sides Remix) (03:01)
  2. 2. Lost Dreams (Jacknife Remix) (03:02)
  3. 3. Lost Dreams (Jacknife Extended Remix) (04:34)
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