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Lonely Boy - Mixed Signals (Remixes)

August 17, 2015
Not too long ago, Lonely Boy's brand new tune was widely received with awe and acclaim, inciting us to get that great record out there once more. And of course, we set out to do just that! With Daniele Dimartino & Max Joni and Matt Meler presenting their impeccable versions of the laudable original, you can continue to savor the sweet vibes of 'Mixed Signals', readily available as delight to your ears!


  1. 1. Mixed Signals (Matt Meler Radio Edit) (03:23)
  2. 2. Mixed Signals (Daniele Di Martino & Max Joni Radio Edit) (03:31)
  3. 3. Mixed Signals (Matt Meler Remix) (06:59)
  4. 4. Mixed Signals (Daniel Di Martino & Max Joni Remix) (05:37)
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