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Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge feat. PollyAnna - Lionheart (Remixes)

November 29, 2019
Spreading the message of ‘Lionheart’ all over, this remix package of Gareth Emery, Ashley Wallbridge and PollyAnna’s creative collision offers up a world of magic for all to hear. Driven by the production prowess of respectively Tom Fall, Hixxy, Dimibo, Magnus and Daxson, this peak-time selection is bound to take the throne of the electronic music jungle.

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  1. 1. Lionheart (Tom Fall Remix) (02:55)
  2. 2. Lionheart (Hixxy Remix) (03:27)
  3. 3. Lionheart (Dimibo Remix) (03:31)
  4. 4. Lionheart (Magnus Remix) (03:39)
  5. 5. Lionheart (Daxson Remix) (02:44)
  6. 6. Lionheart (Tom Fall Extended Remix) (05:45)
  7. 7. Lionheart (Hixxy Extended Remix) (03:56)
  8. 8. Lionheart (Dimibo Extended Remix) (05:46)
  9. 9. Lionheart (Magnus Extended Remix) (07:09)
  10. 10. Lionheart (Daxson Extended Remix) (05:34)
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