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Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis 2.0

November 27, 2015
Re-arranging the 10-year-old classic to an outstanding and modern cut, Lifelike and Kris Menace restore 'Discopolis' in all of its former glory and deliver 'Discopolis 2.0' for the new generation of Electronic Music enthusiasts to enjoy. Alongside the fresh rework of the original, two additional and equally slamming interpretations are included, with Eelke Kleijn bringing his underground take to the table and Kydus giving it his all as his palpitating groover is set to take the spotlight in the peak-time hours of the biggest clubs in the world. All fancy words aside, 'Discopolis' is ready for round two.


  1. 1. Discopolis 2.0 (Original Rework Edit) (04:28)
  2. 2. Discopolis 2.0 (Kydus Radio Edit) (03:42)
  3. 3. Discopolis 2.0 (Eelke Kleijn Radio Edit) (03:54)
  4. 4. Discopolis 2.0 (Club Mix) (06:10)
  5. 5. Discopolis 2.0 (Original Rework) (07:28)
  6. 6. Discopolis 2.0 (Kydus Remix) (07:19)
  7. 7. Discopolis 2.0 (Eelke Kleijn Remix) (08:15)
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