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letthemusicplay - Space

April 23, 2012
The identity of the Letthemusicplay project may be veiled in mystery, but what it really is about is this: the music. They let the music speak, preferably at high volume. 'Space' is the first of many more prog-house jewels to come, so let's get talking! 'Space' is the type of tune that gets stuck on repeat without you noticing. It's that playful track that may sound simple at first, but rapidly unfolds into a masterpiece. Right from its first housy claps, to the melodic and proggy ride that it takes you on later. A clever tune, with all the potential of becoming a global hit. From the swaying and deep tech-house interpretation of letthemusicplay themselves, to the drum infused and funky Jacques Renault remix and absolutely feel good remix of The 2 Bears, there's plenty of 'Space' to be enjoying!


  1. 1. Space (Original Mix) (06:29)
  2. 2. Space (letthemusicplay Remix) (05:10)
  3. 3. Space (The 2 Bears Remix) (06:13)
  4. 4. Space (Jacques Renault Remix) (05:47)
  5. 5. Space (Original Mix Edit) (02:59)
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