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letthemusicplay feat. UTRB - Don't Weigh Me Down

September 17, 2012
Mystery project letthemusicplay unveils another one of its musical pearls. 'Don't Weight Me Down' a weighty collab with UK producer/singer UTRB, heads for the deep, dark nocturnal beats. Rushing in like a warm, melodic wave, 'Don't Weight Me Down' is the official follow-up to previous underground treats 'Space' and 'Waves'. Combining prog, tech-house and house, it takes you in within no time, wrapping you inside its warm, dreamy blanket. Next to the original, letthemusicplay also provide their own remix, touching the tips of big-room. Ukrainian duo Ost & Meyer hit an uplifting note, through their synth-driven prog-house mix. Swedish based producer John Dahlbäck keeps up a balance between progressive and house, making its melody shine out and bursting into melodic violence right after its break. Next to this there's a remix by the ever-growing name of Guy J. He keeps the calm of 'Don't Weigh Me Down' with a deep-house interpretation and finally Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden, who will take you on a euphoric journey with their pumping, excellently structured trance mix, emotional vocals on top of bouncy drums and beautiful synth work that builds and builds only to be stripped back for an epic breakdown.


  1. 1. Don't Weigh Me Down (Original Mix) (06:46)
  2. 2. Don't Weigh Me Down (John Dahlbäck Remix) (05:35)
  3. 3. Don't Weigh Me Down (Guy J Remix) (09:19)
  4. 4. Don't Weigh Me Down (Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden Remix) (06:14)
  5. 5. Don't Weigh Me Down (Ost & Meyer Remix) (06:10)
  6. 6. Don't Weigh Me Down (letthemusicplay Remix) (05:55)
  7. 7. Don't Weigh Me Down (Original Mix Edit) (04:01)
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