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letthemusicplay feat. UTRB - All I Can Give You (Ashley Wallbridge Radio Edit)

February 14, 2013
Revolutionizing the dance scene under the mask of letthemusicplay, the project stands its ground with another addition to the string of musical pearls. 'All I Can Give You' is the next collab with UK producer/singer UTRB, hitting in right where needed. It didn't take long for the letthemusicplay project to establish their sound. Though the masterminds behind it remain a mystery, their singles 'Don't Weigh Me Down', 'Space' and 'Waves' have firmly rooted their talent. Blending house, pop and techno, 'All I Can Give You' pushes the project to the next level. 'All I Can Give You' comes with a weighty remix pack, bursting with must-hear names. UK producer Ashley Wallbridges provides a trancy translation to light the dark hours, while Norin & Rad feed the big-room electro lovers. Bringing back the oldskool house sound, mixed up with prog, is the New Jack Slammers remix, and last but not least we've got the melodic, synth-driven Errors remix, fighting silence.


  1. 1. All I Can Give You (Ashley Wallbridge Radio Edit) (03:27)
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