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letthemusicplay feat. UTRB - All I Can Give You

November 05, 2012
Revolutionizing the dance scene under the mask of letthemusicplay, the project stands its ground with another addition to the string of musical pearls. 'All I Can Give You' is the next collab with UK producer/singer UTRB, hitting in right where needed. It didn't take long for the letthemusicplay project to establish their sound. Though the masterminds behind it remain a mystery, their singles 'Don't Weigh Me Down', 'Space' and 'Waves' have firmly rooted their talent. Blending house, pop and techno, 'All I Can Give You' pushes the project to the next level. 'All I Can Give You' comes with a weighty remix pack, bursting with must-hear names. UK producer Ashley Wallbridges provides a trancy translation to light the dark hours, while Norin & Rad feed the big-room electro lovers. Bringing back the oldskool house sound, mixed up with prog, is the New Jack Slammers remix, and last but not least we've got the melodic, synth-driven Errors remix, fighting silence.


  1. 1. All I Can Give You (Original Mix) (05:44)
  2. 2. All I Can Give You (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) (06:12)
  3. 3. All I Can Give You (Norin & Rad Remix) (06:30)
  4. 4. All I Can Give You (New Jack Slammers Remix) (05:49)
  5. 5. All I Can Give You (Errors Remix) (05:19)
  6. 6. All I Can Give You (Dub Mix) (06:08)
  7. 7. All I Can Give You (Radio Edit) (03:52)
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