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Lens Flare - From The North

September 21, 2009
At the very edge of summer, Estonian producer Rene Pais lights the upcoming dark months with another Lens Flare production. 'From The North' is the bass-driven sequal to Rene's previous track, 'Back In Resort'. Staying close to his roots, Rene hits the exact right spot with a banging but melodic outline, mood-changing, swinging break and a strong feel for cutting-edge progressive. Remixes come from the hand of fellow Estonian producer Muute and Dutch collective Vast Vision. While Muute took the long road in his rousing, deep-house interfacing progressive remix, Vast Vision went ahead and sped things up a bit with their uplifting, guitar-oriented trance remix.


  1. 0. From The North (DNS Project Original Mix) (06:41)
  2. 0. From the North (Vast Vision Bangin Remix) (07:58)
  3. 0. From the North (Muute Remix) (07:14)
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