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Lens Flare - Back In Resort

June 15, 2009
Estonian producer Rene Pais, mostly known under his DNS Project guise, has left an impression along his path to success. 'Frozen Desert' , 'Dehydration', ' Airbourne' and 'Invisible Touch' led the way to 'Back In Resort'. Under the Lens Flare moniker, Rene brings us a more than lovely progressive track. 'Back in Resort' is filled with the best summer guitar, twinkling piano notes and proggy beats. Summer spirit has just been translated to sound. Riho S gave the summer a little bit of a storm, by turning 'Back in Resort' into a blazing tech-house track with a dark feel to it. The eye of the storm is just as quiet and peaceful as the original though.


  1. 0. Back In Resort (DNS Project Original Mix) (07:18)
  2. 0. Back In Resort (Riho S Deep Mix) (09:010)
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