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Lemon & Einar K feat. Paul Johannessen - Everlasting

August 22, 2011
Since their 'Anticipation' burst onto the scene, there's been no stopping the Norwegian duo of Lemon & Einar K. Known for their euphoric and uplifting trance sound, it was their 'Hope', 'The Oslo Syndrome' and the latest duo of 'Tenacity' and 'Felicity' that pleased the crowds and made the scene long for more. And more they get! The very first vocal track of Lemon & Einar K is a fact. 'Everlasting', with the stunning vocals of Paul Johannessen, has everything a quality trancer needs. It's got the flowing melody, energetic drive, melodramatic feel and contagious pair of vocals, all ready to make a ten-thousand strong crowd explode and completely lose themselves into the music. 'Everlasting' will make a great anthem to the global festivals and special club nights ahead for the upcoming months!


  1. 0. Everlasting (Original Mix) (08:12)
  2. 0. Everlasting (Dub Mix) (07:01)
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