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Las Salinas - Chipsy Kings

February 18, 2013
For a refreshing taste of VANDIT's musical candy store of 2013, you might want to take a bite of the new Las Salinas. 'Chipsy Kings' is the playful, melodic bit that's going to meet you on the dance floor. Israel Bicher and Shaulli Hararri know exactly how to let the bass kick in. Following their successful 'San Miguel', 'San Antoni' and the warm, trancy 'Stone Pony', is the deep bassed anthem of 'Chipsy Kings'. Las Salinas tease and touch, grabbing you with a thick electro bass, proggy spins and a melodic pay-off. Glowing like fire, this one will spread across dance land in no time. UK's Genix was the lucky one on remix duties, giving 'Chipsy King' an extra taste of progressive delight.


  1. 1. Chipsy Kings (Original Mix) (06:57)
  2. 2. Chipsy Kings (Genix Remix) (06:25)
  3. 3. Chipsy Kings (Radio Edit) (04:20)
  4. 4. Chipsy Kings (Genix Radio Edit) (03:30)
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