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Jude & Frank - La Vereda (Cada Vez)

August 09, 2018
From one smashing single to four floor-fillers, Jude & Frank’s ‘La Vereda (Cada Vez)’ gets the remix treatment from Mr. Thomas, Havoc & Lawn, Leandro Da Silva and Gian Nobilee & Andrea Damante. If you’re looking for some peak-time groovin’, these cuts will set you up for life.

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  1. 1. La Vereda (Cada Vez) (Havoc & Lawn Remix) (02:45)
  2. 2. La Vereda (Cada Vez) (Mr. Thomas Remix) (03:22)
  3. 3. La Vereda (Cada Vez) (Leandro Da Silva Remix) (02:41)
  4. 4. La Vereda (Cada Vez) (Gian Nobilee & Andrea Damante Remix) (02:18)
  5. 5. La Vereda (Cada Vez) (Havoc & Lawn Extended Remix) (04:24)
  6. 6. La Vereda (Cada Vez) (Mr. Thomas Extended Remix) (05:11)
  7. 7. La Vereda (Cada Vez) (Leandro Da Silva Extended Remix) (05:14)
  8. 8. La Vereda (Cada Vez) (Gian Nobilee & Andrea Damante Extended Remix) (03:12)
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