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LA LA LAND & Timati feat. Timbaland & Grooya - Not All About The Money

July 27, 2012
An international affair strikes down on ZOUK. For the smooth summer nights, there's the sound of Greek duo La La Land, Russia's biggest rapper Timati and US producer/rapper Timbaland, joining forces on 'Not All About The Money'.Combining hip hop, club and electro beats with the sugar sweet voice of Grooya, its infectious chorus and hook, along with the smooth delivery of Timati's rap verses are winners.When joined with the energetic and charismatic production, you can be absolutely sure it's a guaranteed summer hit!


  1. 1. Not All About The Money (Radio Edit) (03:010)
  2. 2. Not All About The Money (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2K12 Radio Edit) (03:12)
  3. 3. Not All About The Money (PH Electro Radio Edit) (03:55)
  4. 4. Not All About The Money (PH Electro Remix) (05:42)
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