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Kye Sones - Dance With You

October 26, 2018
Long before the first motor scooter was commercially sold, The Bearded Man built one and rode around the countryside in Europe. Long long long before the internet (and in some cases, even before electricity), the townsfolk in local villages could hear our hero coming down the road by the roar of his tiny scooter and the revolutionary music that followed him everywhere he went, emanating from a device he called a “boombox”. He’d park his little scooter in each town square, music blasting, burly beard blowing in the summer breeze. He’d take off his leather sandals and stomp his dusty bare feet on the ground in time with music. There was something primal about his energy, and he seemed to exhibit a genuine passion for life - something sorely missing from too many cold and quiet provincial homes. Needless to say, the ladies loved him. He was also a big hit with children, who would follow him around right up to the very edge of town. He was just packing up his little set-up to head to the next village one day, when a girl of about 9 years came up to him and tugged on his threads. “I only want to dance with you!” She said. And with that, the two of them danced in the square to the new Kye Sones track on repeat for hours. Of course he had to leave, but of all the memories, that one has stuck with him as something special. She’s an old woman now, but she still eagerly awaits his return.

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