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Knife & Renvo - Hypnotize

April 08, 2013
With today's house releases incorporating more and more hardstyle influences, Dutch producers Knife & Renvo land another one of it eclectic affairs: 'Hypnotize'. The Energetic Sounds label has ever been a realm for the open-minded. Loud bass and out-of-the-box fusions come together on this fresh label of Armada making. In 2013, the label continues to provide a warm home for upcoming talents. And this time, the stage belongs to Peter Knijff and Joey Janssen. 'Hypnotize' pleases fans of the harder, thicker bass, while being easy on the ears of prog-house lovers. Nothing but peak-time material.


  1. 1. Hypnotize (Original Mix) (05:10)
  2. 2. Hypnotize (Radio Edit) (03:04)
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