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Klauss Goulart - Deep Universe

August 17, 2009
Though his name may not instantly ring a bell on this side of the globe, it does in Brazil. As one of the rising talents in the progressive/trance scene of Brazil, it was only a matter of time before his first record would find its way out. 'Deep Universe' is about to to put his name on the map. Already supported by the DJ elite, this trancy highlight will surely be turning some heads over the summer season. Synths were they're supposed to be, beats where they belong and a captivating melody that sticks to your thoughts long after your last listen. Yes, 'Deep Universe' is more than just another tasty trancer. And with a blazing hot techy remix by no one less than Dutch producer Mark Sixma, who enforces 'Deep Universe' to make it fit the speakers of any big room setting, you just can't go wrong.


  1. 0. Deep Universe (Original Mix) (08:22)
  2. 0. Deep Universe (M6 Remix) (07:11)
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