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Sebastian Ingrosso - Kidsos

September 14, 2009
Swedish house Mafioso Sebastian Ingrosso is back for the summer! This time with the reworked version of his 'Laktos', together with MGMT's 'Kids' to become the festival-smasher 'Kidsos'. You heard it, it's official! Expect the same energy as in 'Laktos' but now in perfect harmony with the feel-good riffs in 'Kids'. Mashed together, 'Kidsos' kicks in with a pure summer-anthem sound that heats up the crowds in the smallest clubs and biggest festivals across the globe. Already supported by the major DJ's out there, from Pete Tong to Armin van Buuren and Tiësto to Markus Schulz and Dirty South. Fit for any type of club set, from dirty house to playful proggy trance, this destroyer will make this summer one big party to remember. Another clash comes from the hands of no one less than German producer Wippenberg. Mister 'Chakalaka' brought the track a true big room remix; with a deep bass and impact, minimalistic melodic touch and upfront Wippenberg sounds.


  1. 0. Kidsos (Radio Edit) (02:30)
  2. 0. Kidsos (Original Mix) (06:40)
  3. 0. Kidsos (Wippenberg Mix) (07:53)
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