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KhoMha - The Dark Knight E.P.

June 18, 2012
Already a fruitful 2012 thanks to his anthemic Mind Gamer, Colombian KhoMha is riding the crest of a wave. With the season upon us, hedelivers a monstrous three-track E.P. entitled "The Dark Knight", and one which perfectly demonstrates why he is one of electronic music's hot tips for the future. Described by Markus Schulz as "having one of the most outrageous basslines heard in a long time", leading track The Dark Knight is a massive slice of tech-driven madness. Having lit up Markus' set at ASOT 550 in Den Bosch, the tremors around the world were almost immediately felt, and has gone on to play a pivotal role in his livesets since. With Ibiza and festival season approaching, this will be a key component of many DJ sets throughout the summer. Next up is Days Gone Bye - a track showcased for the first time during the Los Angeles '12 release party celebrations. Much in the vein of his remix for Gabriel & Dresden vs. Secret Panda Party's No Reservations, Days Gone Bye is a more emotional affair, with a beautiful break accompanied by a great driving lead. The track has recently received support from German duo Cosmic Gate. And last but not least, we cast our minds back to the annual November extravangaza held in Prague - Transmission. Debuted that night was Think About Me, another adrenalin-fuelled smash that was one of the most requested tracks in Markus' sets for months. He possesses one of the most distinguishable sounds in electronic music today, and with these three tracks, KhoMha could well be on the tip of everyone's lips come the end of the summer season.


  1. 1. The Dark Knight (Original Mix) (07:56)
  2. 2. Days Gone Bye (Original Mix) (06:03)
  3. 3. Think About Me (Original Mix) (07:15)
  4. 4. The Dark Knight (Radio Edit) (03:54)
  5. 5. Days Gone Bye (Radio Edit) (03:13)
  6. 6. Think About Me (Radio Edit) (03:18)
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