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Khaz - The Bright Lights / Cause & Cure

August 02, 2010
Josh Gabriel's Different Pieces is devoted to discovering and developing emerging artists, so the release of Khaz's debut artist EP, 'The Bright Lights', is another milestone in the rapidly expanding catalog of this visionary new label. While Khaz may be best known as the vocalist and writer for classic trance tracks like Markus Schulz's 'Dark Heart Waiting' and 'Cause You Know', The Bright Lights EP brings his skills as synthesist, programmer and producer to the forefront. Each track on the EP highlights a different side of Khaz's musical insights, with the title track featuring a stunning, emotional piano riff over seductive beats building in intensity to a gorgeous release at the peak. The equally brilliant flipside - 'Cause & Cure' - evokes Sasha's legendary approach to intelligent progressive tracks whilst remaining utterly original. Combining the perfect blend of musicality, euphoria and brilliantly crafted grooves, 'The Bright Lights' is a tantalizing glimpse into Khaz's career as an artist to be watched closely in the coming years.


  1. 0. Cause & Cure (Original Mix) (07:22)
  2. 0. The Bright Lights (Original Mix) (09:05)
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