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Kenneth Thomas feat. Roberta Harrison & Steven Taetz - Drive

March 07, 2011
He's the guy behind classics like 'Orange Room' and 'Ghost In The Machine', but also represents Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records as the A&R Manager. Fueled up to bring you the next installment of the 'Perfecto Presents' series, Kenneth mixed its latest edition 'Perfecto Presents: Kenneth Thomas'. After you've heard it, it won't be a surprise that the album also features his latest masterpiece 'Drive'. A must-play record for anyone into the tasty blend of prog, trance and house. On 'Drive', Kenneth offers everything needed to enrapture a crowd. Progressive, house and trance go hand in hand on this diverse percussion-driven crowd-pleaser. Topped with the vocals of up and coming singers Roberta Harrison and Steven Taetz, a win-win combination, 'Drive' turns into a catchy, easygoing tune that might just go far beyond an underground hit. This is Kenneth Thomas in full swing.


  1. 0. Drive (Original Mix) (08:11)
  2. 0. Drive (Thomas Sagstad & Mike Hawkins Remix) (06:12)
  3. 0. Drive (Ryan Mendoza Remix) (07:48)
  4. 0. Drive (Save The Robot Remix) (07:41)
  5. 0. Drive (Radio Edit) (04:28)
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