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Karim Shaker - Halfway Between Heaven And Earth

January 30, 2012
Karim Shaker shifts gears to destination high time, taking us on a deep, proggy ride with his 'Halfway Between Heaven And Earth' E.P.. Blending the spicy flavours of tech-house with the shady side of endlessly deep progressive, is what's been keeping Spanish producer and DJ Karim Shaker busy these days. The clubbing society embraced his solo-sounds, with 'Ambassador' and 'A Leap Of Faith' running their course to the hottest clubs and underground hotspots. His new one, 'Halfway Between Heaven And Earth', is bound to the same destination. A somewhat eerie, entangled piece of melodic prog takes over, with depth as its biggest drive. 'Halfway Between Heaven And Earth' sounds exactly like its title, only better. Spanish producer Dosem, known for deep-house classic 'Beach Kisses' and legendary remixes for the likes of Henry Saiz, Jeff Mills and Technasia, did a brilliant take on 'Halfway Between Heaven And Earth'. Giving it an energetic tech-house vibe, makes his remix a real crowd-pleaser.


  1. 1. Halfway Between Heaven And Earth (Original Mix) (09:36)
  2. 2. Halfway Between Heaven And Earth (Dosem Remix) (06:42)
  3. 3. Halfway Between Heaven And Earth (Radio Edit) (04:17)
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