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KANT - Never You Mind

February 17, 2014
Deep, rolling basslines, dark energy, and strong grooves are out in full force with ‘Kruso’, and Whitesquare’s remix brings out the tech even more. Inventive breakdown synths and clever programming really make AFFKT’s latest song stand out in a crowd.


  1. 1. Never You Mind (Radio Edit) (03:34)
  2. 2. Never You Mind (In.deed Radio Edit) (03:48)
  3. 3. Never You Mind (Mono Negro trip to Hvar Radio Edit) (02:44)
  4. 4. Never You Mind (Original Mix) (06:30)
  5. 5. Never You Mind (In.deed Remix) (06:39)
  6. 6. Never You Mind (Mono Negro trip to Hvar Remix) (07:40)
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